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Since I seem to be everywhere *but* Deviantart, here's a handy list of my comics and where you can find me: - Love Me Nice, my ongoing webcomic. - My Tumblr art and personal blog - My personal twitter

Slipshine - Monthly erotic comic updates (can't link to 18+ sites, google that)
Long time, no journal! For those curious, MoCCA went really well! I had a  blast in New York and I met a lot of amazing people. I absolutely can't wait to do it again next year.

I'm working on Love Me Nice, some other comic projects, just trying to keep up. I'm presently working on some drawing guides/character sheets of Love Me Nice characters, and I'll upload those here when I'm done. I'm also doing monthly Slipshine updates starting in August, and I've cut back on my hours at work to balance the two. But that also means more time for comics! This is my first week that isn't job-intensive, so it's been an adjustment. But also pretty relaxing. Need to get my butt in gear, though!

I also decided to sent my portfolio into thatComic-Con sponsorship contest/event, so here's hoping! It'll be interesting to see how that goes.

I'll have more stuff uploaded soon. :3
Just a heads up that I'll be in New York this weekend exhibiting at the MoCCA Festival! I'll be selling Love Me Nice chapters as minicomics, a collection of sketches and drawings, copies of one of my Slipshine comics, and some prints and bookmarks.

I'm also sharing a booth with :icondeannaechanique:

This is probably the last convention I'm attending this year due to finances, so if you're in the area, stop by! There are gonna be some great artists there.
I think that's pretty safe to say, and I don't think it's going to change any time soon. Here's a quick round-up of projects I'm working on:

x My on-going webcomic, Love Me Nice.
x I'm now a regular artist at Slipshine (NSFW).
x Organizing and contributing to a Webcomics Fairytale Anthology (details at my website).
x Contributing to the Smut Peddler anthology (NSFW).

I'm also doing a fundraiser and donation incentives for my comic and conventions.

You'll also be able to see me at several conventions! These are the ones I'm planning to attend so far:

x Staple: March 5-6 in Austin with David McGuire (Gastrophobia) and Josh Lesnick (Girly).
x MoCCA: April 9-10 in New York with Deana Echanique (La Macchina Bellica)
x Akon: June 10-12 in Dallas with Kel McDonald (Sorcery 101). [ Pending registration ]

So, um, yeah! This is going to be one busy year! I'll try to keep Deviantart updated too, hahaha!

Other places you can keep up with my art/updates:
x Tumblr
x Twitter
Interested in a commission? Send me an email or even a direct message!

o Sketch w/ ink - $10
o Inks 4.5" x 6" - $20
o Inks 9" x 12" - $40
o Inks w/color 4.5" x 6" - $50
o Inks w/ color 9" x 12" - $70
o B&W comic page - $80
o Color comic page $100

o All color digital; add $10 for marker or watercolor.
o Add $10 for 18+ artwork.
o Shipping and original or glossy/matte print included.
Bit short notice, but I'm going to have a table at Comicpalooza in Houston on the 27th! It's held at the George R. Brown Convention Center, so if you happen to be in the area, it'd be cool to say hi!
I'm still drawing, but most of my efforts go towards my comic right now! I'll try to update soon, I have a few things to finish up and post here.

Some news:

- I'm going to be at Staple in Austin on the 6th of March! I'll be sharing a booth, so feel free to wander my way!

- For shits and giggles, I got a Formspring account so if you want to ask me stuff, go for it!

I'll get some things uploaded soon!
A short announcement: Love Me Nice, my comic, is now readable online at There are 9 pages in the archive, the first update being this Thursday, kicking off the Mon. and Thurs. update schedule.

I'd go into more detail, but I've kinda hurt my hand and typing isn't exactly my favorite activity right now.
Wow, I've kinda deserted this account -- though not intentionally. I've just been super distracted by life, love and art. And by art, I mean my comic.

Anyway, I'll try to be less of a hermit, and I've been working on several drawings I'll post here soon.

However, I'm gonna avoid posting doodles and sketches here. I'd rather my gallery showcase finished, polished works from here on out.

As per my journal's title, I have a new Livejournal where I'll be doing my whining and posting art, like sketches, doodles and works-in-progress. Just another attempt to keep my Deviantart clean of personal journals, unnecessary information and clutter. Like I said, I'd like for my Deviantart gallery to be just that -- a gallery.

Here's a link to the journal:

Also, a fun note: Seeing as I got married on the 13th of August, my Deviantart account username is officially my real name. Ho ho ho!
So, Neil's been here 3 weeks now, and I've been a little more than distracted. But, I am still alive and making art, and will share some with you soon.


Or soon.
Picking up Neil from the airport in 8 hours. I am being excited, I am off the freakin walls, man.

Sorry for the lack of updates, Neil's moving-here-forever has been the teensiest bit distracting!
Well, while waitressing is all fine n' dandy, it's not exactly providing the most stable of incomes. So I can't really sneeze at commissions for the sake of focusing exclusively on comic work.

However, I was told by most my commissioners that my stuff has been under-priced. So based on their recommendations and comparing the commission prices of others, here is my tentative price guide:

Sketch: $15
Inks: $30
Color: $40

Send me a note or email ( mandiiv at gmail dot com ) for details. Free shipping within US.


Tue Jun 23, 2009, 3:10 PM
Commissions: $20-50. Inquire with details for price quote.


That's right. Another round, this time with a proper heads-up. My twitter (which is featured on my DA page for those who ain't buyin' twittah's shit) will provide updates as the time approaches.


stay frosty

Commissions: $20-50. Inquire with details for price quote.


Man it's late/early. Anyway, won't be as many updates (unless art relevant) here since I spew daily ramblings all over Twitter.

An update though: No commissions for like a month. I'm super grateful, and plan to draw little gifts for all my recent commissioners, but the lure of money in a time of need is too strong to resist, and I end up happily ignoring Love Me Nice. So at least for now, I need to just focus on that.


Mon Jun 1, 2009, 6:05 PM
Commissions: $20-50. Inquire with details for price quote.


go go go go go!… <-- link for those who want it

Fun fun! -- Twitter. I have one.

Wed May 27, 2009, 10:03 AM
Commissions: $20-50. Inquire with details for price quote.


Look look I'm cool now

Validate me and my need for attention this very instant.

It's a shame I don't have a web-enabled phone or I'd keep you updates on my errand to replace the chair my fat ass broke (over a 5 year period).

... in all serious, I will be using this, I'm just taking the piss out of it because while I wanted to get with the times, a big part of me still thinks Twitter is retarded.

But so is my cat and we're sistahs.

I really had fun during the Ustream. I was just coming off a lonely downer week, and between the Ustream fun and Neil's visa, I've definately perked up. I would love to do another one again... not soon-soon. But soon.

Oh yes, Neil's visa is all but approved. The only problem is that I didn't send an IRS form for me and my step-dad, which I had no idea we needed. Luckily, the embassy folks just said to send along the forms when we have them, and then they'll give his passport the ol' stamp and he can be here in a week (his choice).

In the meantime, we're working on moving his stuff over here ahead of him and just getting ready in general. I'm a little anxious though, the apartment I have my eye on is doing move-in specials for June, and I'm hoping they last awhile... I don't want to rush to move out, but 99$ for the first month's rent is really tempting, man! Hope it last longer than I think it will...

But yes, back to the comic drawing. This has been a LMN break week and now I'm eager to get back to work. I'm trying to find ways to make the turnaround per page faster without sacrificing anything I like, like cutting back on detailed coloring, and only using it when it enhances the panel. Otherwise the poor markers are gonna go 'pppffttt,' even with the help of watercolors. Finding my brush pen has helped, as has scripting with Neil. It's fun bouncing ideas off of him.

Also, oh man concert in like 5 days. I am excited! My only problem is my friends have been playing musical chairs with the second ticket. Kimi had to drop out of personal interests, Sarah's on vacation, Carolyn is going to her sister's graduation... luckily Christina says she can go. My only problem is, her family life is crazy and I'm worried something will come up... like some of our other plans.

... even still, I have a back up plan. Another friend's sister is in town this weekend, but she said if Christina stands me up, even at the last minute, she'll just cut their visit a bit short and go with me.

So either way I'm going, and with a rad sis either way. But I like planning and knowing what's going on way in advance so I'm being a grouch about it.

oh god what the hell am I gonna wear i have nothing cool... or rather I zap the cool right out of anything I'm wearing.

I'll just go in pajamas. Slippers and all. Hell yeah.

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Ustreamin' done -- Results

Mon May 25, 2009, 10:33 PM
Commissions: $20-50. Inquire with details for price quote.


Well it was a hoot (oh god owls) Ustreaming. For those that left while I was coloring Lark (about to scan and upload that), you missed request-time. Not to worry, I scanned them all.

And here they are!

That was hella fun, and I'd love to do it again soon!

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Commissions: $20-50. Inquire with details for price quote.


Oh god. I've been chilling downstairs because the construction guys FINALLY came back to put in new carpet (had packed up my room in anticipation and was living out of friggin boxes for like a month cuz they kept rescheduling). The noises upstairs are so terrifying, it sounds like they're ripping the walls down. Oh god. And I was gonna nap. Scratch that.

I hope they're not breaking anything like last time... ;^;


I am beat. The whole time I was rushing to get that comic done I was chugging so much coffee that I've sworn off caffeine for the next week, starting today. I'm totally crashing hard.

Serisously, I'm so proud of how much work I crammed into 4 days. It has areas that could be improved and I didn't get to achieve all of my goals... but that's what happens when you're a moron who forgets due dates. Either way, I acomplished things I've never done before. I am pleased. And tired.

Anyway, I'm finally going to get around to doing a Ustream next week, since people seemed really into that idea. I just want some input on various times that would be good. I'm not gonna pick a date till Saturday or Sunday, since that's when my work schedule is available. But it will probably be Monday or Tuesday. Or whatever other day I get off, they've been pretty random with the schedule.

If it weren't for the caffeine withdrawal headache, I'd be much cheerier right now, because Neil is getting ready to go to his interview today! I was crossing my fingers, hoping they didn't reschedule us again, and they didn't. This means he should be here by the end of June.

The great thing is my brother, Chris, is moving out mid-June. What a happy month it will be! He is such a dick. And he's been getting really cocky about moving out. He's been smarting off and being a glorified asshole... which is hilarious because he doesn't have a car, has like $500 to his name, doesn't even have a cell phone... but Mr. Big Shot is gonna move out and be independent, burning all of his bridges on the way out. Right.

I also found my brush pen! This is really awesome, because I've been inking Love Me Nice with a brush and ink well, and as nice as it is, it's really inconvenient. All the while I was just wishing I had my pen... and then I found it floating around in the back seat of my car. It's perfectly fine and I feel like my turnaround for each page will be a bit quicker because of it.

Also am going to incorporate watercolor with my markers, mostly just for filling in large areas and getting faded effects. My markers are taking such a beating, and I can't afford to replace them all every 5 pages. I have a few pages with panels unfinished because I don't have the heart to fill them in with markers... what a waste. So I'll be going back and finishing those up with watercolors instead.

It's just as well, I've wanted to play with them recently. Killing two birds with one stone.

... funny anecdote. My mom wanted to read the Wedjat comic, so I let her. She then said that she really likes it, almost as much as my 'funny monkey.' Oh, what heights I have reached!!

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Updates ahoy!

Tue Apr 28, 2009, 3:39 PM
Commissions: $20-50. Inquire with details for price quote.


Alright, first off, I'm a little delayed on the second commission due to some interuptions, but I'll have it done sooner than soon. I have a lot of updates so I'm categorizing them. YAY for organization, woooooooo.

Art Stuff

I've been working on the comic, the commission, and also brainstorming for that Good Vs. Evil DA contest. I have big watery animu eyes for the Intuos prize. Droolin over it like it was an enchilada platter (oh god I want mexican food). I just have to think of a good concept, and time is a factor.

I also bought a huge pack of economy/classroom drawing paper, to encourage me to do mindless doodles more often. I get so caught up in my goals I forget to just kick back now and again. So I'll periodically put some sheets on my clip board and doodle away.

Neil Stuff

Annoyingly enough, his interview got moved down another month. FFfeeeeeehhh! Oh well, it's hardly the end of the world. He's still approved, my life is just LIMBO till he gets here. Planning, planning, planning.

But, good news is his parents are giving him what's left of his college funds, which is considerable, at least relative to what we have now. So that takes a huge load off my mind!

This means, however, he can't go to the concert with me. That made me kinda melodramatic, but my friend Kimi loves No Doubt, and she agreed to go with me. So, huzzah! There will still be fun concert times. Kimi is pretty rad to boot.

Either way, I'm excited about this year as it unfolds. I've already got so much stuff stockpiled for the apartment, I have my eyes on some nice affordable places. Everything is falling into place... however slowly.

Life Stuff

I've started planning to be a Service Pro. at work, which is basically a manager in training. It's a pretty neat opportunity, and it would be a great help in saving for college. I still want to get a bachelors in illustration, or just continue my studies in art, but I've been not-so crazy about the teaching-for-the-sake-of-having-a-good-job thing. It'd be an immense waste of money to go to school for something I'm no sure about. Managing provides me with the same security, but with less time and money wasted.

Don't get me wrong, it'll still be hard. I have to work for it and expend alot of time and effort. But it's a much more comfortable ladder to climb. I love where I work, and after 2 1/2 years I've come to really care about the restaurant and company as a whole. It feels very homey, and moving up through the company would be a fun and exciting shift.

That and you can't sneeze at manager benefits. Holy crap, those benefits! And based on my managers' schedules, I'd still have time for home, family and art, in exchange for more demanding work/hours.

Like I said, it'll take a lot of work to get there, but it feels so worth it. It's nice to have something big to work for! I just have to raise my review scores a smidge and do some early training on my own time; I really want to be ahead of the game.

Other Stuff

Anyhoo, out of curiousity, if I did a Ustream of me drawing, would anyone watch? I've lurked in a bunch of Ustreams, and it seems pretty fun. Mind you I wouldn't be doing it for a few weeks, but it seems like something entertaining... I have no idea what I'd draw. But nonetheless, would it entertain YOU?

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